Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets Online                     


Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets Online are easy to find when you know where to look and what to look for.  Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets just means that you are getting the same airline ticket that someone else is paying two or three times as much for, only you are getting it Dirt Cheap compared to their price.  Finding Cheap and Discount Airline Tickets is easier when you know what to look for and how to look for it.

One of the best ways to find Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets online is letting some of the big fare-finder sites do the work for you.  It has been said that normally the cheapest airfares and discounted airline tickets are to be found on Tuesday and Wednesday each week.   Why?  I am just guessing, but, those are the slowest days of the week for airline ticket sales and that is when you will find the cheapest airline tickets for sale.

When you get toward the weekend, the airlines and booking engines know that you are going to be home and looking for airline tickets so they raise the prices back up to the weekend rates for the masses.  So the first lesson in purchasing your Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets online is to do your research and then try finding the same tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday and see if the tickets are cheaper, and if so, buy on those two days.  Finding Cheap Airline Flight Tickets and the Cheapest Airline Tickets you can is something we all have feelings about.  Nobody wants to overpay, including me!

We are going to show you most of the big fare-finder sites and take you through their sites and what to look for and what not to do.  Some of these sites are really great and can help you find the best and lowest airfare price, while others are not really giving you much of a deal at all.  Shopping around is the number one rule for finding the cheapest airline ticket or saving money when you book an airfare online.

Booking flights early and before the mass of public flyers start booking can also save you quite a bit of money.  I know it is hard to pay for something that is off in the future, but, as the airlines sell more seats, the inventory shrinks and the airlines will raise the prices as certain levels as inventory of the airline seats diminishes. 

So, if you really want to go somewhere, book early and watch for the sales and specials that the airlines are having.  Some airlinetickets will have weekend trip sales and other discounts during the year to sell some seats and raise cash for operations.  No airline wants to fly with even one empty seat and they will try to juggle their inventory so the plane is full.

Once you get into the groove of finding how the sites work, sign up with a throw away email address that you set up at one of the portals and use this for signing up with the airlines that you use and the fare-finding sites to have them email you specials, discounts and fare savings during the year. 

Once again I say, get a second hand or new email address just for this purpose.  Do not give them your personal email address because you will start getting a lot of emails, plus a lot of spam.  I do not care what they say about not sharing your email address, they do and you will pay for it.  Be smart and set up a dummy email account and check it a couple times a week for deals.

The same type of skill and patience goes for finding and booking both domestic and international airline tickets.  You can also find some great discounts and dirt cheap airline tickets online for international travel.  Case in point, I booked two tickets to Paris for my wife and I in February.  The tickets are for October and the price for the tickets has already gone up at least $3,000 per ticket. 

The thing about booking early is that I got a price I felt was very fare because they needed to fill the plane and then I was able to get the first choice of seats.  As flights get close to takeoff, you will see the airlines raise the price substantially because anybody that absolutely has to fly, will have to pay two or three times what I paid for the same tickets.  Many business travelers buy their tickets at the last moment and the airlines know this, so, do not expect the airline tickets to get cheaper a week before departure.  It is the opposite of a cruise ticket.

Once again this site is about finding Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets Online and cheap airfares and discount airfares.  We are not dealing with hotels, cruises, rental cars or other types of travel.  Our other sites will deal with some of those methods of travel and ticketing at a later date. 

We hope you enjoy our site and please feel free to email us if you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share about ways you have saved money on airline tickets.  Buying airline tickets is very nerve racking and can cause anxiety because you want to buy the tickets for the least amount of money and you just do not know if you are getting the best deal or not.  We will try to help you feel good about buying your next dirt cheap airline tickets online.